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Lovable.Tech is a team of SF unicorns who thrive as "outsiders on the inside." A 5 year old bootstrapped company that made its name with a bespoke approach to technology.

Our Story


When Mike and Wil, the founders of Lovable Tech, exited from the sale of Yammer ($1.2 Billion to MSFT,) they were offered positions as co-founders at various new VC-backed startups. Having worked for lots of startups (both good and bad,) and having some ideological differences with some of the mainstream tech scene methods, they opted instead to found a company with no investment capital where they could call their own shots, do what they do best, and run the company the way they felt tech companies should run.

Mike and Wil are vocal about issues in technology including diversity, management methodologies, design and engineering process, lean startups and other pragmatic approaches to creating/running a startup.

“Lovable Technology helped us accomplish something many said wouldn’t be possible, build a brand new, dynamic website in under a week. Not only did they complete it in time, but also completed important additional features!”

- Adam Pisoni, Cofounder of Yammer

Press Contacts

Wil Everts (Founder)

User Experience, Product Management, Diversity, Culture

Mike Ihbe (Founder)

Engineering Management, Team Structure, Technology, DevOps


We have a mission to help create a more sustainable & diverse tech ecosystem.


Lovable.Tech has sponsored four Code2040 Fellows (this summer makes 5!) in the last three years. We've evangelized Code2040 on our blog and within our network, paid over $75,000 in donations and intern salaries, and hired our first Code2040 Fellow upon graduating college.

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Remote Work

Beyond the cost advantages, adoption of remote work could also put less stress on cities like San Francisco, Portland, and Seattle in the wake of tech hiring. You also lessen your company's environmental impact, can help stabilize areas that need jobs by allowing productive citizens to remain in their communities, etc.

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Lovable Tech Stats and Information

  • Founded on 12/7/2012, Lovable Tech has been profitable since 1/20/2013, has grossed over $6 Million lifetime, and has no investors.
  • We have worked on over 80 projects with Fortune 500 companies, SMB brands, VC-backed companies, and pre-funding clients alike.
  • We provide end-to-end web & mobile design and development, team training, and "Hack Week" strategic engagements with companies looking for project support and team augmentation.
  • Our team has spoken at startup accelerators, large companies, and meetups about our cutting edge business and development processes.
  • 44% of our company is of a minority background (makeup: Asian, Black, Latino, and Female.)
  • We are a 100% remote company with employees in San Francisco, Washington DC, Milwaukee, and Phoenix.
  • In 2016 we delivered 92% of our projects and P.O.s on or under budget.
  • Our NetPromoter Score of 85 ranks in the top 7th percentile of all companies worldwide.
  • Our clients rated us “Best in Breed” in Product Design, Technical Skill, Communication, and Overall Value and "Better than Average" in every other category.

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