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Strategy is where Lovable Technology truly shines. The entire heart of this experiment we started 4 years ago were several strategic business hypothesis, evaluations we made based on careers in Tech which taught us to recognize two very important things which are “What’s Now” and “What’s Next.”

One of the ways we use our own processes to provide value to clients is through our Hack Weeks. These are brief engagements with a hyper focused goal. This works well for a MVP Concept, early stage technical and design strategy, problem solving, or team training.

Product Concept and Specification

Our team of veteran startup talent is incredibly well suited to early stage product alignment, conceptualization, design, and specification for both MVP stage apps and new features for existing at-scale applications.

Strategic Problem Solving & Pivots

Sometimes when you have a problem that's confounding your team you just need someone with a different perspective to help you work through the issue and maybe see it differently, but it's just as valuable for your team to feel renewed confidence if we happen see it the same.

Hack Weeks

Our Hack Week engagements are hyper-focused weeks of work with tight feedback loops, knowledge transfer, and in-person collaboration. Hack Weeks are particularly useful when establishing a product’s concept, MVP feature set, specification, flow, look and feel, prototyping, etc.

Team Training & Talks

We employ a team of professionals that understand how to use their expertise to squeeze the utmost business value out of it. We're also useful at helping others learn to do the same.


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Winning the Company Culture Wars

When we launched, this was all pretty simple because we'd worked together before. As the company grew it became increasingly important to evangelize our culture and train people to understand our process.

Creating a company culture means so much more than the perks and benefits you provide employees. Your culture is the collective attitude that grows inside your company. Your culture is the way your team treats and talks to each other (and scarier still, the way they treat your customers) when no one is looking.

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Maximizing Team Velocity

When we talk about velocity, at the end of the day we’re talking about cost. Not only cost of engineering but also opportunity cost.

We’ve gone to great lengths to eradicate wasteful process, keep our teams light yet powerful, tighten our feedback loops, reuse code, and simplify our approach wherever possible. This has resulted in the unprecedented velocity that companies have come to count on when calling us.

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What do our clients think?
Our Net Promoter Score of 85 puts Lovable Technology in the top 7% of all companies worldwide.
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“It took us 2 months of working with another firm to get to where we got on day one of our Hack Week with Lovable Technology.”

- Keith Chambers, Project Manager at Cisco Systems

Hack Weeks
Rapid Alignment, Execution, Collaboration, and Iteration

Less is More, Sometimes

As you've probable already read here somewhere, our Hack Week engagements are hyper-focused weeks with tight feedback loops, knowledge transfer, and in-person collaboration. Weeks where a really small team attempts to tackle a difficult, strategic problem.

We really try hard to help simulate what scientists have uncovered in search of information about "fugue states" - also known as being in "the zone." How someone gets themselves into "the zone" is a product of a number of factors that are different for everyone, but several of the common factors are things we use to make hack weeks effective.

Obviously the timeline means there's less margin for error. When your brain knows that, it performs better, you have more focus. Also, knowing how many creatives and engineers tick we balance the Hack Week confines of frequent collaboration, information sessions, and presentations with much needed solo work time to process information and deliver work for their next session.

Secret Sauce?

Team Chemistry is Everything

Ahead of everything else we're looking for the "invisible" skills that lay at the fringes of one's emotional intelligence when hiring for our teams.

"Successful teams require both technical skills and interpersonal skills '...communication at both the cognitive and feeling levels is what determines the success or failure of the team.' (Harris & Harris, 1996; p. 29)"

- Joseph Luca & Pina Tarricone, of Edith Cowan University, in Does emotional intelligence affect successful teamwork?

After supplying people who are motivated, expert, and prone to great teamwork we seek to provide a framework for creating consensus around your goals, a sense of cross-corporate comradery and collaboration, and direction as we seek to get the most possible value from the week ahead.


Case Study

Cisco: Hack Week to Launch

During our Hack Week we met daily to ask questions and get in sync with their priorities, business objectives, and goals. Between meetings we put our heads down to work up our product deliverables. In just a couple days our teams had built strong working relationships, agreed on a unified vision of the product, and created a solid game plan for executing on that vision.

Four months of working together later, Cisco Announced the Alpha Launch of "Shipped" at their yearly Cisco Live event in San Diego. Developers can use Shipped to get their applications running locally and deployed in production using tools they use every day like GitHub, Vagrant, Docker, Drone and Marathon, without any operations expertise, in minutes.

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Yammer: Responsive Org Hack Week

Lovable Technology helped us accomplish something many said wouldn’t be possible, build a brand new, dynamic website in under a week. Not only did they complete it in time, but also completed important additional features!

- Adam Pisoni, Cofounder of Yammer


Photiq: Mobile Product Hack Week

Our Hack Week was excellent. I’m astounded of what came out of one week! I think their work was the edge we needed to win, and I am grateful to have had the opportunity to work with their team!

- Nathan Koons, Founder of Photiq

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Team Training & Tech Talks
Sharing Our Knowledge and Methodologies with The World

Some of our Available Sessions

Below is a taste for some of our current sessions. If there's a particular strategy or technology you'd like to hear about, you can also order a custom training session or tech talk for your team.

Tech Session

How We Choose Our Technology

We like to think of ourselves as "technology agnostic." All too often programmers' careers are defined by the flavor-of-the-week tools they adopt. So, how do you weigh your technology choices if not by your desire to become a hot new technology purist? In this session you'll learn real strategies for choosing the best possible tools for your team in an engaging Q&A approach.

Tech Talk

Microservice Scheduler Wars

An always changing, up-to-date picture of what a scheduler is, the orchestrator/scheduler landscape and their feature differences, as well as some anecdotal information based on our usage (and even contributions to) the major players in the industry. In this session you'll receive the latest info as well as get a chance to ask specific questions.

Strategy Session

Operating at Maximum Velocity

As you might have read, we've gone to great lengths to eradicate wasteful process, keep our teams light yet powerful, tighten our feedback loops, reuse code, and simplify our approach wherever possible. This has resulted in the unprecedented velocity that companies have come to count on when calling us. In this session you'll learn the methodologies we employ to achieve maximum velocity.

Strategy Talk

Building Minimum Viable Companies

The business landscape is drastically changing. At early stages far too many companies are focused solely on their MVP while not considering if their processes scale, if their team is aligned properly and producing the most value possible, etc. In this session you'll learn some emerging strategies companies are using to get the most from their talent, reduce infrastructure, and more.

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What's New

Remote Team Training

There are no shortage of stable remote-first communication tools and video conferencing platforms available today that can allow group and one-on-one mentoring from afar.

Our team is now providing weekly one-on-one mentoring, webinars, and more.

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